Gartner Marketing Tools with Nvytes

Image Requirements

Please provide the following images from the Gartner Brand Guide Image Library

1. Provide an “Illustration” in Gartner Lemon to be used on the header of the toolkit. See sample below.

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2. Provide an image to be used on the Social Share Image or provide completed the social share image. See sample below.

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3. Provide an image to be used on the co-branded PDF. See sample below.

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Co-Branded Email

Co-Branded Email Template

Please provide the co-branded email template as a .doc, .pdf, or .HTML

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Exhibitor List Requirements

Please provide all fields below where applicable and provide in .CSV, .TXT, .XLSX or .XLS.

1. Sponsor Company Name

2. Sponsor Priority Code

3. Sponsor Contact First Name (up to three contacts)

4. Sponsor Contact Last Name (up to three contacts)

5. Sponsor Contact Email (up to three contacts)

6. Sponsor Contact Phone Number

7. Address Line 1

8. Address Line 2

9. City

10. State

11. Zip/Postal Code

12. Country

13. Unique Registration Link

14. Sponsor Company URL

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Exhibitor Logos

If you have logos for your exhibitors, please upload the files to help us customize their invitations. If you do not collect logos we will source them from the exhibitor’s websites

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